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Holiday Special Fri, December 23, 2011

There are amazing savings on a holiday with us this February.

If you need to unwind after Christmas, we're offering a 20% discount on a week's package holiday for the whole month.

Our buzz ! Sun, November 6, 2011

There has been a distinctly cosmopolitan buzz to the hotel over the past few weeks and it amazes us how people from all over the world congregate in this remote and tranquil place.

Winter Special Fri, September 2, 2011

Well, the nights are beginning to draw in and we'll soon be thinking about stocking up the firewood. Winter is a magical time of year in the Alpujarras - clear blue, sunny days and cold, crisp star-filled nights. Why not get away from the pre-Christmas madness, for a complete chill-out? We're offering a 10% discount if you would like to join us during November or December this year, and there's a further 10% off if you book at least a month in advance. Happy holidays!

San Pantaleon Thu, July 28, 2011

The patron saint of Berchules is San Pantaleon. He was born in Nikomedia (now Turkey) and, after living in the fast lane as a renowned doctor, he was converted to Christianity and dedicated himself to serving the poor.

The Hotel Dog Tue, June 7, 2011

Sammy must be the most famous dog in the Alpujarras, if not in the whole of Spain. Her photo is all over the internet and on Facebook. She has walked with all nationalities all over these mountains; many people say she directed them on the right track and even saved them from getting lost.

Easter week Tue, April 26, 2011

It often rains for Easter week, spoiling the processions, to the great disappointment of the "fieles".  Here the rain was disappointing for our walkers who tried not to think of the lovely sunshine in more northern parts.  But

Special Spring Offer Fri, February 11, 2011

Wash away the winter blues. Sunlight and exercise in our breath-taking surroundings will make you feel on top of the world. Plus there’s a 10% discount on our 7-day holiday before 15 April 2011. Contact us.

BIRDING IN BERCHULES – message from guests in Jan.2011 Fri, February 11, 2011

We have just spent three gloriously sunny weeks in and around Berchules. The birding was, as usual, spectacular. Once again we went up the valley behind the hotel and soon spotted a pair of Golden Eagles.

Home Made Flans Wed, January 12, 2011

To start the year we’ve decided to give you something sweet: the recipe for our home-made flans, or crème caramels. Many people say they are the best they have ever tasted, but two Trip Adviser reviewers claim they come straight from the supermarket. We want to remove all doubt on that score, so here is the secret which we have kept for over twelve years.

Feliz Año Nuevo Thu, December 30, 2010

Today, 28th December, is the day of “Los Santos Inocentes” (the saintly innocents), which is the Spanish equivalent of April Fools’ Day. A curious incident occurred which made us wonder which of the participants is the saintly innocent.

Good news .... Tue, November 2, 2010

There’s good news and bad news. First the bad: in July this year IVA (VAT) in Spain went up from 16% to 18%, so there’s been a price hike of at least 2% as the tax rise reflected in consumer prices. Now for the good news: our prices have not changed for three years and if you book your next year’s holiday with us before the end of this year we will respect the same old prices.

Good Night's Sleep Mon, July 26, 2010

We know that a good night’s sleep is an essential requirement for a good holiday. But after ten years of use the hotel beds, though still comfortable, were beginning to feel a bit worn; so we decided to renew them. The new beds are state-of-the-art technology.

Painter's Paradise Fri, June 11, 2010

We just said goodbye to our friendly painters after their fifth consecutive 9-day holiday here.  As usual they produced some brilliant work, mostly without actually leaving the hotel.

Pool Story Mon, May 24, 2010

At last! The weather has finally warmed up sufficiently to justify cleaning and reopening the hotel's 10m swimming pool.

Walking Season Tue, March 16, 2010

For some time the birds have been telling us that Spring is on its way. The morning chorus is a full orchestra to wake up to and it's the perfect time for spotting a huge variety. But until this week, apart from the birds, the almond blossom and the daffodils, there have been no other signs of spring. The winter in the south of Spain has been the worst and wettest on record. But “no hay mal que por bien no venga” (from all bad things something good will come), so at least now all the reservoirs are full and the drought of the past ten years is officially over.


Because of a last minute cancellation we are offering a great chance for groups of four or more people to have a wonderful walking holiday based at Hotel Los Bérchules.  Seven nights from  15th, 16th , or 17th April, transport to and from Almeria and Granada (supplement of 40 euros for Malaga) will cost only 400 euros (347 pounds at current rates) per person.  You will have a varied programme of self-guided walks with full support from our staff;  on four days you will have picnics on the mountainsides and on the other days your walks will take you through neighbouring villages where you can sample the famous local ham and other goodies.

La Cuesta de Enero Mon, January 18, 2010

This month is known as La Cuesta de Enero , the hill of January, because it’s very hard work to make ends meet after all the extravagance of the festive season.

“Salud, dinero y amor” Mon, January 4, 2010

That is Health, wealth and love, which is what we are wishing for all our friends and guests past and future for 2010.  Last year ended with almost catastrophic storms; heavy rain for days on end caused landslides and waterfalls and winds gusting to gale force brought down trees and disrupted the electricity supply so the New Year was welcomed in a blackout.

Spanish Holidays Thu, December 10, 2009

Spain has just enjoyed the last "Puente" of 2010.  Puente really means bridge but it also means an extended weekend and this time there were two national holidays to celebrate. 

Winter for a Day Tue, December 1, 2009

Our bright and sunny autumn lasted until Sunday when at last we had some rain.  Then on Monday it was clear and sunny again though cooler because the mountain tops are now all snow-covered.

Now watch this Tue, October 27, 2009

Before you go to sleep you can now catch up on your favourite TV. We have just installed a new set of satellite decoders at the hotel and each TV in our double rooms can receive three English-language channels.

Columbus, the Virgin Mary and the Soldiers Mon, October 12, 2009

Today Spain has been celebrating one of the most Spanish of annual holidays.

20% discounts on Winter walking holidays Wed, September 30, 2009

GOING DIGITAL Wed, September 30, 2009

Like many european countries, Spain is heading towards having all television delivered digitally.

Thunderbolt and Lightning Wed, September 16, 2009

This week we have been enjoying(!) a regular feature of late-summer Alpujarras weather; electrical storms.

Himno a Los Bérchules Sun, September 6, 2009

Vergel de la Alpujarra

Sierras con ansia de mar

Si quieres oler el cielo

Vente a esta casa a morar

Cualquier rincón de ella

Apesta a humanidad

Te sientes aquí tan absorto

Que piensas estar en tu lar

Si Dios conociera esto

Moraría aquí por la eternidad.

Sept. XXIX

Miguel, un torreño

Autumn Sunshine Tue, September 1, 2009

It has been a less than sun-drenched summer in northern Europe, as many of our guests have been telling us. Here in the Alpujarras it has been one of the warmest and driest in recent years.

Cheaper than car-hire Sun, August 16, 2009

The cost and availability of hire cars in Andalucía this year has been dreadful. We can help!

Lucky Escape for Alcútar Sat, August 1, 2009

Bérchules sister village, Alcútar hit the national headlines yesterday

Get High in the Heat Fri, July 24, 2009

It is hot! This morning at 9.30am the temperature in the shade had already reached 26 degrees C (79F)

Calling All Bird Watchers Wed, March 18, 2009

With the arrival of Spring we have also noted the arrival of a bumper migration of birds to or passing through the Alpujarras.